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First, on behalf of all of our colleagues at SandStone Insurance Partners, I would like to thank you for perusing our website.

Whether you’re a large corporate buyer of complex insurance solutions or your personal assets command risk advisory assistance; our colleagues at SandStone Insurance Partners can help.

Our ideal client believes in the importance of protecting critical assets, while still understanding that transferring risk via insurance products is not always the only answer.  Accordingly, we take a “big-picture” look at the overall situation, and only then, do we begin to delve into various treatments to handle those risks. This approach has served our clients quite well as they have become our strongest advocates.

In conclusion, we acknowledge that there are many fine insurance professionals in the marketplace and the loyalty extended to them is duly warranted. However, we also realize that many others feel they could use more thoughtful advice, direction, and consultation. For those potential clients that may fit into this class, we look forward to meeting with you.

Thank you for your consideration of our team at SandStone Insurance Partners.

Kind Regards,

John Jassmann

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