In addition to solving complex risk solutions for Businesses and their associates; we also deliver expertise and positive outcomes in other areas where our clients desire professional attention and advisory services
Business Insurance


As a business owner, your insurance needs are complex and ever-evolving. The experts at SandStone Insurance Partners will review your business operations and provide a comprehensive recommendation for the right amount of coverage. The insurance companies we work with provide a wide range of business insurance packages that can provide you peace of mind so that you can focus on growing a successful enterprise.

Homeowner’s Insurance


Your home is probably your most valuable asset, both as an investment and as your sanctuary in a hectic world. When your home is damaged or destroyed, you need your home insurance claim settled by an insurance company that understands this simple fact. Coverage availability and prices may vary by company.

Auto Insurance


The cost of repairing and replacing vehicles used as personal transportation or recreational vehicles can be extremely costly and emotionally taxing. Very often these purchases are the second most expensive personal asset owned and deserve thoughtful attention to addressing the myriad of issues that can arise out of their ownership and operation. At SandStone, we are positioned well to guide our clients through the challenges that can go along with obtaining proper coverage while being sensitive to the program cost.

Life Insurance


Life Insurance helps our clients address their various family planning and estate planning needs. As our clients accumulate assets and their net worth expands, they look for other ways to protect their family members as well as plan for potential tax consequences in the event the coverage will be needed.

SandStone Insurance Partners


SandStone Insurance Partners strives to offer you quality insurance coverage, a high level of professional service. We’ll research rates and coverage from top insurance companies to find the best insurance rates and insurance plans for you. We do the insurance shopping and comparing for you to save you time and money!